A174 Fiction

Saturday, 8 October 2011

First attempt at freewriting

Like many A215 students I've taken the plunge and started a writing blog.  I recently completed A174 Start Writing Fiction ~ I enjoyed it and passed, but it was my first experience of sharing my writing with others; I still haven't got used to it!

This is my first attempt at freewriting, but I don't think it's random enough.  I didn't edit it; this is the way things sort of 'come out'.  

That smell reminds me of Nan’s kitchen – green fairy soap, the small green bar in a red plastic soap dish sitting on the window sill and cracked by the sun.  The cold floor tiles, scratchy door mat and the ever present pad of cat’s paws.  Her wooden chair perched by the fire and a navy pinafore she always seemed to wear.  Her ruby red lipstick in a golden tube which she would put on sparingly with a match stick, always in the pocket of her apron and her sigh, always sighing but I never knew why.


  1. Hi Sarah!
    This is a nice description of you nan's kitchen and some nice detail about her always sighing. It's not unfortunately a freewrite though as it's just staying on the one topic. I have been informed by my tutor that a 'proper' freewrite quickly slips the boundaries of the prompt and seemingly jumps from random thought to random thought faster than you can consciously edit.

    I do like this piece of writing however, and please don't be offended by my criticism, as I am just trying to help you get the technique sorted out! My blog has a piece on writing freewrites and a short freewrite is on there also that might help you see my point :-)

    I love the images that you do have on here though! As I said, nice description of your nan's kitchen!

  2. Thanks Neil, I agree with you. It's not a 'proper' freewrite. I read your piece on freewriting and it's most helpful (thank you). I'll give it another go. I'm not offended at all ~ it's just what I need to get me going in the right direction. Thanks muchly!

  3. Love the soap description, it took me straight back to my own Grandma's kitchen. Good luck with the course and well done on setting up the blog; I'm trying to do the same.